How Rowing Machine Can Help You Build Abs + A Workout Tip [Video]

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“Will using a rowing machine give me a six pack?”

I get asked this question a lot from my readers.

You might wonder, how rowing can tone your stomach and build abs.

So I thought I should cover this hot topic in a post for everyone rather than telling individually on emails.

You might have wonder, how rowing machine can help you tone your abdominal muscles and build abs.

In this post you’ll learn about:

“how to build abs using a rowing machine” and “some other benefits of rowing

There is no doubt that rowing is a solid full-body workout. And when it is said that rowing is a full-body workout, it means that rowing can also help in toning/building abdominal muscles.

Rowing is a low impact, high-intensity workout that involves 83% of your body muscles.

It’s very effective when losing weight is your prime concern.

Fact: You can burn about 377 calories in just 30 minutes of workout on a rowing machine (for an individual who weighs around 190 pounds).

But, what if you want to build ‘Abs’ with a rowing machine.

Things to Consider While Rowing for Abs

There are some factors to consider while rowing.

  • The body posture is the key to any exercise. If the posture is not maintained well then you may end up developing strain in different muscle groups. Similar is the case with rowing, for abs (Abdominal muscles) sitting posture should be maintained to maximize the results. Here is a video for good posture example.
  • If you are targeting the abdominal muscles, especially for building Abs. Then you need to choose high-intensity exercise and not just the simple cardio.
  • Harder workouts have high impacts. The same case is with rowing, when you target abdominal muscles, the harder you row the more you strengthen your core. So, when you rowing for Abs- the number of strokes does not matter but what matters is the intensity of your workout. Which means you need to row harder but not too long.

Crunches Versus Rowing for Abs

There is no doubt that crunches are considered to be the best and most cost-effective approach to building abs. And I admit that crunches are the most cost-effective exercise for abs building because for crunches you just need a mat.

Crunch is an isolation exercise whereas rowing is cardio.

#1. Full body workout

Rowing is a full body workout whereas crunches target only the abdominal muscles. Rowing also increases heart rate and engage different muscle groups.

#2. Burn Calories (Lose Weight)

As I already mentioned above, using a rowing machine a man who weighs around 180 to 190 pounds can burn about 377 calories in mere 30 minutes.

#3. Muscle Toning

Rowing is particularly effective in toning different muscle groups (Upper body + Lower body).

#4. Low Impact

Rowing is considered among the lowest impact exercises. Even the injured athletes row to recover from the impact. Low impact means low risk of muscle and joint injuries. (But always a doctor’s advice is recommended).

If you are planning to buy a rowing machine for yourself.

Then you should definitely look at the list of best rowing machines that I reviewed for you.

And if you ask me to pick one (regardless of the budget), here is the one that I recommend to anyone from beginner to athletes- the Concept2 Model D.

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