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Best Rowing Machines for 2022 – Buyers Guide and Reviews

Best Rowing Machines to Buy - featured

You’ve landed on this page means you are interested in owning an indoor rower.


Then give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Because you’ve made the right choice, as per various studies, rowing is considered the best cardio and full-body workout that automates 9 major muscular groups.


If you are in a hurry and don’t want to go through the whole review. Just head over to the comparison table

It is always good to check out a review before buying anything expensive (especially online). Because there is too much promotional stuff floating around the internet that could influence and ruin your purchase.

I tested and curated this list of the best rowing machines available in the market to complement everyone’s needs. A rowing machine complements every setup even if it is for your home gym or commercial gym.

So without further ado let’s find which rowing machine best suits your needs and budget.

Best Recommended Rowing Machines for Every Budget

ModelResistance TypeWeight CapacityPrices on Amazon

Concept2 Model D
Air - $$500 lbsCheck Price

WaterRower Natural
Water - $$$1000 lbsCheck Price

Sunny Obsidian Surge 500
Water - $300 lbsCheck Price

JOROTO Magnetic MR35
Magnetic -$300 lbsCheck Price

#1 Concept2 Model D – Editor’s Pick

When it comes to quality, Concept2 is the gold standard of indoor rowers.

Model D is the best-selling indoor rowing machine all around the world. And with my personal experience, I can warmly say that this is the best indoor rower that your money can buy right now.

Key features of Concept2 Model D

Since it is at the #1 position. It must have some unique features and benefits –

Availability of Live Rowing App:

The live rowing app enables you to compete with your friends online on a virtual boat race, by hooking up with your Model D via mobile.

It is in beta, so it only works with Concept2 Model D right now. But they are expanding the connectivity with other available indoor rowers too. But as of now, it is well tested with Concept2 Rowers.

Check out my review of Live Rowing iOS app with Concept2 Model D.

Note: Live Rowing is not an inbuilt feature of Concept2 rowers.


The flywheel keeps the noise generated by the machine low. It is designed to reduce the noise and smoothen the overall functioning of the machine.

Sliding Seat:

The seat on Concept2 Model D is low in height at about 14 inches. Which makes it smooth and easy for the workout. The seat is adjustable to complement your height, even if you are too tall or too short.


It can easily be separated into two pieces for proper handling and less storage space. The introduced caster wheels make it easy to carry around and keep it mobile.

Performance Monitor:

It includes PM5 (Performance Monitor) upgrading from the previous PM3 model. This monitor provides accurate and comparable data on each stroke. And the adjustable monitor arm makes it easy to operate and access from every position.

Adjustable Footrests:

Adjustable footrests in this model of Concept2 make it easy to hold and enables you to gain traction over the machine quickly and smoothly.


Model D is covered under 5 years of frame warranty and 2 years warranty on PM (Performance Monitor) with other moving parts.

In short, your money will be well spent on Model D, and “you’ll get what you pay for”.
  • Low Noise
  • Performance Monitor 5
  • 14-inch seat height
  • Nickel plated chain
  • Stainless steel track for smooth functioning of seat
  • Adjustable footrests
  • Easy to carry – comparatively others
  • Requires footprint of 9 x 4 feet

Final Verdict for Concept2 Model D

If you don’t want to experiment and want peace of mind, then you should definitely go with this model.

#2 WaterRower Natural – True Experience of Real Rowing

When it comes to experiencing the real water sensation of true rowing, WaterRower is considered to be the best indoor rower.

WaterRower mimics the original rowing experience because water rowers work on the mechanism of water resistance. Unlike the magnetic or air type of rowing machines, in WaterRower, the flywheel is enclosed in a water tank which provides smooth and quiet resistance during the workout.

If you want to enjoy the real experience of rowing but don’t want to go outside or you have a water phobia. Then this machine could be the ultimate choice for you.

Features offered in WaterRower Natural


The flywheel is enclosed in a water tank to give a smooth and quiet functioning. The water-enclosed flywheel replicates the original experience of outdoor rowing.

Series 4 Performance Monitor:

The S4 performance monitor is fairly large compared to other rowing machines. But the placement of the LCD monitor is not that much good as in Concept2 Model D because of its moving arm in Model D.

But the S4 monitor easily tracks the workout intensity, stroke rate, heart rate, distance, speed, and time. And there is also a unique feature in water rower that outweighed its minor complaints, and that feature is PC connectivity.

With this unique feature of PC connectivity, you can plug its monitor into your computer or laptop and watch a virtual boat along the water. You can race online or against your previous tracked sessions. This unique feature is top-notch because it motivates you to push yourself further. You can keep your training sessions stored on your PC via its software.


This handcrafted Ashwood rowing machine from WaterRowers looks premium and is designed to absorb sound and vibrations which provide smooth and quiet functioning of the machine.

Portability, Storage & Weight Capacity:

Dual rails with four corner wheels make it stand upright in a corner. Its weight capacity of 1000 pounds makes it the best in its class.


WaterRower natural comes with a 1-year warranty on its frame and components.

And can be upgraded to 5 years on frame and 3 years on components by submitting a registration form.

  • Premium wooden look
  • The whoosh sound of water
  • LCD Monitor with PC connectivity
  • Comfortable seating position
  • 1000 pounds capacity
  • Monitor is harder to reach as compared to model D

My Take on WaterRower Natural

If you are ready to shed some extra money for the true rowing experience and the whooshing sound of water then WaterRower natural is the ultimate choice.

 #3 Stamina Avari

Want to save some money?


But, I am sure you won’t want to compromise on the quality of the machine, right?


Stamina Avari could be a great bargain.

Stamina Avari Rower is a comfortable and professional rowing machine that is designed for relaxed sitting with the high build quality.

To make the most out of your workout, Stamina Avari has 12 workout programs including 6 cardio profiles, 1 manual, 4 custom user programs, and 1 heart rate program. The machine is designed to replicate the natural movement of rowing. And sometimes it feels like you are driving a scooter.

Rowing machines are used for their variety of health benefits like cardiovascular, muscle strength, lungs improvement, and weight loss purposes. And this professional indoor rower from Avari does that job quite well.

Stamina Avari Features


Its fitness monitor motivates you to row regularly by keeping track of the time, count, distance, watts, strokes per minute, calories, and pulse count. The LCD backlit monitor is immovable and fixed just in front of the rower.

Use the Up/ Down keys on the In Touch Fitness Monitor to adjust the speed of rowing, workout time, and resistance on the flywheels.

Heart Belt:

The machine includes a chest strap that can be used for accurate readings during heart rate programs.

Aluminum Track:

Unlike the stainless steel track in Concept2 Model D. Stamina Avari is equipped with an aluminum track which provides a well-built platform.

Smooth and Silent:

The magnetic type resistance given in Avari Stamina assures smooth and silent gliding. At the same time gives the sensation of natural rowing.


Portability always remains a primary concern with any indoor rower, and Stamina Avari does offer decent portability with its 3 part moving mechanism.


Stamina Avari rowing machine comes with 3 years of warranty on frame and 90 days warranty on parts.

  • Heart belt for heart rate monitoring
  • In touch fitness monitor
  • User weight limits up to 275 lbs
  • Affordable
  • Solid build quality
  • LCD backlit display
  • Portable
  • Seat quality is not the best for long-duration sessions.

Should you go with Stamina Avari?

Considering the budget constraints, Stamina Avari offers great value for the money. If you don’t have the budget for a Concept2 Model D then Stamina Avari could be a good choice. And the magnetic type resistance in Stamina Avari has proved its ground for years.

I hope you liked this review and have found your desired machine. If you want me to suggest a rowing machine based on your requirements, do let me know and I’ll be happy to assist you in finalizing a great indoor rower complementing your needs.

Happy rowing!