Benefits of Exercising on Rowing Machine – Simply Great for Full Body Activity

Rowing Machine Benefits
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As you may all know that an Indoor Rower replicates the working of rowing which is a well-known water sport.

Rowing is also considered as a great cardio and strength workout that works for 9 major muscle groups.

 Regular rowing helps to lose weight and keeps fit. 

There are many other cardio exercises that you can perform to become/stay fit like walking, jogging, running, climbing etc.

But all these exercises need a big space to perform- most of the time outdoors, and here rowing comes as a great alternative to other cardio exercises.

There are other numerous benefits of using a rowing machine whether for the customer benefits or for your and your family’s health.

The best part of using a rowing machine is that it gives the perfect feel of outdoor rowing, for which it is sometimes quite hard to find a river to row on a real boat.

So if you are a water phobiac but desperate to experience rowing then this is the time when you should add one rowing machine in your collection.

(Here we cover an in-depth review of our most recommended rowing machine – Concept2 Model D)

Health and Customer Benefits of Rowing Machine

Easy to learn: Rowing is easy to learn exercise as it does not need many technical postures to perform.

Low Impact: You will be glad to know that rowing machine is among the lowest impact workout equipment available in the market. Which means there is very low risk of injuries comparing to other exercises.

Since the exercise involved in rowing takes the body weight on knees and joints, So even elder, overweight and obese people can also experience its benefits without any hassle. (Doctor’s guidance is always recommended for optimum security.)

Improves posture and flexibility: Routine workout really helps in improving posture and flexibility of individual.

Helps in impact recovery: Rowing allows an athlete to recover giving them a break from impact. Which can be a very critical task for an injured athlete. So if you are an athlete then this equipment can compliment your daily workout even if you are injured. (But again, under a doctor’s guidance.)

Cardio Fitness: Out of many benefits of using a rowing machine, one is that it is an excellent strength endurance exercise that increases heart function. MayoClinic adds rowing one of the best aerobic exercises for health. It helps in maintaining and gaining cardio fitness, flexibility and core strength in upper body posture.

Weight Loss: Here comes the thing that most of you love to hear about, Weight loss. Yes, rowing can be the best exercise that you can add to your workout regimen if losing weight is your prime concern.

Rowing machine workout burns calories rapidly, it can burn about 377 calories in just 30 minutes of exercise for an individual who weigh about 180 to 190 pounds.

Well, now you know that there are some serious benefits of using a rowing machine. And if you now consider buying one for yourself, family or for your gym. You can access our comparison table to buy an Indoor Rower.

And the best rowing machine that we recommend to our readers is Concept2 Model D which comes with PM5 monitor that replicates the smooth functioning of rowing.