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I am so glad you are here!

My name is Anam – your just another fellow indoor rower.

I started this personal blog back in 2015 (it was a different domain back then) just to log my rowing session times and metrics, which I don’t log here anymore because they were boring.

From then to now, the blog has grown so much in terms of quality and subscriber base. I’m feeling grateful writing this that during all these years, I have earned so many friends who are equally passionate about rowing just because of this blog.

Now I try to help my community of indoor rowers (especially the beginners) by putting my 2-cents advice ahead in the form of reviews, opinions, and suggestions on rowing machines and its counterparts.

And with full disclosure: if anyone buys out of my suggested links, I get a small kickback in return (without costing an extra dime to my readers) that helps me keep running this little community blog.

And what motivated me to turn this private blog to the public?

Back in the days, one of my friends wanted to buy a rowing machine for himself. And as always, he did his thorough research reading some online reviews before making the final purchase.

Doing online research is a good thing.

But, unfortunately, he got influenced by a promotional review of a bad indoor rower and made that purchase. Then after some time, the machine started making problems and ended up proving a lousy investment.

This was the time when I decided to convert my private blog into a public-facing website.

From then on, I have put several write-ups here. Some of them are –

and to name some more.

Though I don’t write frequently now that I used to then, but I try putting at least one write-up every month.

And if you have any questions, concerns, or dilemmas in buying a machine or rowing in general. You can contact me here, and I will help you in making the perfect buy.