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Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine Review With Live Rowing App

Concept2 Model D Review

This buying guide will give you a straight answer to why you should absolutely go with Concept2 Model D over any other indoor rower (if your budget allows it). While covering almost all the aspects that you should consider before buying an indoor rower.

And, let me clear one of your doubts beforehand:

All those positive shiny ratings that we see on marketplaces for Concept2 are not gimmicky. This machine worth all that applause.


concept2 model d
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Want a quick “Yes or No” for Model D?

Yes! Go for it.

If you don’t want to compromise on the quality of your indoor rowing machine. This is the gold standard of rowing machines by far.

   ✅  Strong and sturdy build

   ✅  Top-notch PM5 workout monitor

   ✅  Best in class weight capacity of 500 pounds

   ✅  Loads of connectivity options

   ❌  A bit pricey (but worth it)

   ❌  The monitor screen should be upgraded by now

   ❌  Louder than others

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Why You Should Consider Concept2 on the First Place

A rowing machine is one of the best cardiovascular exercising equipment available in the market. It boosts your fat-burning and muscle-building growth. You can easily burn about 300 to 500 calories out of just one hour of a rowing workout.

The Concept2 designed its Model D so versatile that it suites to anybody from beginner to advanced to a professional athlete.

Most of you think it’s overhyped but that’s not the case, Concept2 crafts this indoor rower with so excellent craftsmanship and dedication that makes it best selling. And at the same time, the machine is also priced well compared to its competitors.

One Thing That Makes Concept2 Rowers Stand Out

One thing that makes it stand out from others and influences me to recommend this machine to anyone is its monitor.

No, no not the built-in PM5 performance monitor but an additional feature of Live Rowing. Now you might be thinking what is Live Rowing.

Live Rowing with Concept2 Rower

live rowing concept2 model d competition

Live Rowing is an iOS app and a rowing machine monitor that lets its users challenge their friends to a boat race. Live Rowing app is designed to hook up with your rowing machine (currently only works with Concept2) and works not just as a performance monitor but also as a device to track your friends’ rowing data to compete.

Live Rowing can be accessed by mounting your performance monitor on Concept2 Rower and then hooking up your iPhone to the monitor using a lightning cable and then accessing the app. After then the monitor will be able to pick up the data from any digital display.

live rowing app with concept2 model d indoor rower

This new app opens an all-new way of rowing. It makes the overall experience of rowing a real fun.

In any workout, motivation is the key. Most of the times people stop exercising just because of lack of motivation. And this is where Live Rowing comes into play and motivates you to compete with your friends. And boost you to outperform your previous record.

It can help you to go beyond your limits. Which is essentially required when you want to lose weight. Because without pushing your limits, you can’t see results at least in the weight loss process.

Here @sarahbuhr, the author from TechCrunch with the founder of Live Rowing, Nicholas Sheedy experiencing the working of Live Rowing.

Features of Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower

The Model D from Concept2 has become the best-selling indoor rower in the world. And the best selling machine should have some uniqueness or quality. So let’s dig deeper into the features of Model D.

PM5 Performance Monitor

concept2 PM5 monitor

The PM5 performance monitor given in this rowing machine is accurate and provides comparable data about speed, distance and calorie burn. In most of the rowing machines available in the market, the monitors are fixed in one place and hence sometimes the rower can’t able to see their stats. But in Model D, the monitor arm is adjustable. So that you can adjust the display screen as you need.

The PM5 monitor is USB and LogCard enabled. This means you can connect the PM5 with a computer and access LogCard data. The backlit display illuminates automatically as you start rowing on the machine.

ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart connectivity allow you to connect with your heart rate monitor wirelessly. With this feature of wireless connectivity, the machine can connect to other machines, computers or even with your smartphones.

Some other key features of PM5 monitor-

  • Adjustable arm: makes it easy to handle and adjust
  • USB enabled: Can connect to a computer or your phone
  • Lightning cable connector to access Live Rowing App
  • Strokes Per Minute (SPM)
  • Distance covered
  • Speed
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Pulse meter
  • Calories burned


Concept2 Model D fly wheelThe Flywheel given in Concept2 Model D generates less noise during the functioning of the machine. The resistance provided on this is air damper type because of which the overall functioning of the rower becomes smooth and silent.

Note: But if the real feel of rowing with whoosh sound of water is your main concern. Then WaterRower Natural would undoubtedly be the perfect choice for you.

Sitting and Comfort:

model d seat

The seat height in Model D is low to about 14 inches. Which facilitates the comfort for lengthy workouts and provides a low center of gravity to users for better balancing on the machine.

Portability and Storage:

concept2 model d review note

The sound and the portability of an indoor rower are the two significant aspects to look into for a good rowing machine. And in terms of portability, the Concept2 Model D requires 9 x 4 feet of footprint space while rowing. Which is considered good if not the best.

The machine can be separated into two pieces and the caster wheels are given, which makes it portable and easy to carry anywhere in your gym or house.

 Product Specifications

  • Performance Monitor- PM5 (Upgraded from previous PM3 and PM4)
  • 14-inch seat height
  • 9 × 4 feet footprint
  • Nickel-plated chain
  • Stainless steel track
  • Can be separated from middle
  • Caster wheels for easy carry
  • 5 years frame warranty
  • 2 years warranty on parts
Cons | What's Not So Great
The Concept2 Model D is not the cheapest machine out there in the market. But at the same time, neither is the most expensive one. The Concept2 priced the machine fairly well because it offers great quality and value for money than some other more expensive rowing machines.

Final Verdict on Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

After the overall review of Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower. I would say if you are looking for a great rowing machine that has a proven record for years and has a high build quality. Then no other than this machine can be a better choice.

Its design, performance monitor (with wireless connectivity and Live Rowing) and other features make it stand out from other indoor rowers. But if you still have some doubt about its authenticity or think it is not for you because you are a professional, then look at Matt Chan from Rogue Fitness, who is using a Concept2 Model D.

matt chan on concept2 model d indoor rower

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